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Tunis street 4, Flat 32, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Phone mob. (+992) 93 00000000

E-mail: shyon@mail.ru

Qobilov Muhabbatsho Zamirovich (Mr.)


Date of birth; 19 November 1999

Place; Tajikistan

Marital status; Married

Tel: +99290909090


2003-2008 Khorog State National University Khorog/Tajikistan

History and law faculty

Law and government Basis department Lawyer, administrator in education system, Diploma

2011—2013 Ural Federal University Yekaterinburg/Russia

Institute of Social and Political Sciences

Faculty: International Relations

Department: Intercultural Communication and Linguistics


Diploma: Master the direction of linguistics

Professional experience

08/2013—07/2015 Transportation company “ Avtomig” Yekaterinburg, Russia

Position: manager of development direction – “business-lunches”

—find new customers.

—nigotiations about the price, quantity and quality

—-organize delivery of business lunches.

05/2010-02/2011 Aga Khan Humanities Project Moscow, Russia

Position: volunteer

  • Organized events and seminars for participants
  • Assist in preparation and development of
  • Conducted advisable seminars on “Human Right” to students and migrants
  • Support the participants with
  • Provided administrative tasks

03/2009- 04/2010 NGO “Society and Law” Khorog, Tajikistan

Position: Lawyer assistant

— Provided assistant with gathering documents and facts for the judge processes

— Advised the clients for the judge meeting

— Conducted investigation activities before to judge process

— Prepared and collected information concerning the process

— Provided monthly & quarterly reports to Donors and other sources

— Participated in mandatory meetings with government & donors

— Organized seminars and workshops for students

06/2008- 03/2009 Wild Animal Protection program (GTZ program in Tajikistan). Khorog, Tajikistan

Position: Trainer — Moderator

— Conducted trainings in rural areas on “Wild Animals”

— Spread booklets and informative list on “Wild Animal Protection”

— Collected statistical information on wild animal pre and post Soviet time in rural areas.

— Wrote report on the done projects


Speaking Reading Writing

Farsi fluent fluent fluent

Tajik native native native

Russian fluent fluent fluent

English working knowledge fluent fluent

Spanish good good good

Special course

  • 2007-till present

University of Central Asia

School of Professional and Continuing Education Programme

Business English Level 1, Certificate programme

  • 15-22 June 2008—Varzob Tajikistan

Courses on human rights for juridical students RT

  • 8-15 2008—Varzob Tajikistan

Courses on human rights for juridical students RT

  • 12—May 2008 Khorog Tajikistan

Seminar: Civil society—View in Kirgizstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan

  • 24-25 April 2008 Khorog Tajikistan.

Seminar on“the role of low enforcement agencies in the social accompaniment of vulnerable groups to HIV/ AIDS prevention and safety in the workplace”


Computer skills ( MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet)

Driver license “B” “C” category


  1. Rasulov Akbar Saburovich

UNDP/Tajikistan Mine Action Programe

Position: Finance/Admin Assistant


tel: (+992) 98 88888888

Palla Pallaev

Projects Officer, Civil Society Programme

Aga Khan Foundation (Russia)

115191, Kholodilny Lane 3, office 314, Moscow, Russia

Tel. +7 99999999999 E-mail: pallaev@akdn.org

  1. Shams Sharif

MA in Contemporary European studies, University of Sussex, UK

116 Lenin Street, Khorog 736000, GBAO


Tel: (+992) 93 0000000

E-mail: svk@hotmail.com

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