Выступление о конфликте на Ближнем Востоке (ООН, 1985 г.)

ВыступлениеоконфликтенаБлижнемВостоке(ООН, 1985г.)

Господин Председатель1

Наша делегация разделяет озабоченность по поводу продол­жающейся трагедии на оккупированном израильскойвоенщинойюге Ливана Приведенные в выступлениях представителя Лива­на факты ипоступающие ежедневно из района событий тревож­ные сведениясвидетельствуют о крайне опасном характере об­становки на оккупированном юге этой страны и подтверждаютобоснованность обращения ее правительства за помощью

Уже без малого три года израильская военщина бесчинству­ет на части ливанской территории, оккупированнойв результа­те агрессии1982 года С тех порпрактически ни на один день не

ослабевает разгул террора и насилия в отношении ливанцев ипалестинцев Мобилизуя для карательных операций пехотные подразделения, израильские захватчики блокируют населенныепункты и проводят в них обвальные обыски, облавы и аресты,

подвергая мирных граждан унижениям, пыткам,издевательствами побоям Особую жестокость массовые карательные операцииприобрели в последние месяцы, на что вновь обратил внимание в своем сегодняшнем выступлении представитель Ливана

Многочисленные факты, приведенные в ходе нашего заседа­ния, со всей очевидностью свидетельствуют о грубом нарушении Израилем, как оккупирующей державой, соответствующих норммеждународного гуманитарного праваНеобходимообеспечитьуважение территориальной целостности и независимости Лива­на, положить конец произволу и насилию израильских оккупан­товв отношениигражданского населения


Our delegation shares the concern/is also concerned regarding thecontinuing tragedy in the south of/southern Lebanon which isoccupied by theIsraeli military (clique)The facts cited in thestatements of the representative of Lebanon andthe alarming/worrisome information regardingevents/the reports deceived daily fromthe region/concerning the alarming events there also confirm/reaffirm/back the grounds/reasons for the government’s appeal for help

For nearly three years now/For almost three years/the Israelimilitary have been behaving outrageously/doing as theyplease/violating accepted norms of behavior in (that part of) theterritory of Lebanon/Lebanese territory which was occupied as a resultof the actsof aggressionof 1982 Since thennot for a single day hasthere been a/practically/virtually every day there has been nolesseningof/decline in/weakening of/abatement of/letting up of the waveof/outbursts of/raging terror and violence directed at the Lebanese andPalestinians By mobilizing infantry units for punitive operations theIsraeli aggressors are blocking populated areas and are conductingmass searches, roundups/raids and arrests, subjecting the (peaceful)civilian population to various kinds of humiliation, tortures,abuseandbeatings Particular/special cruelty was shown/demonstrated incarrying out these mass punitive operations during the last few months,and this was again indicated/pointed to/raised/flagged by therepresentative of Lebanon in his statement today

Numerous facts cited during our meeting have clearly (with utterclarity) attested to/demonstrated/revealed/borne witness to thecrude/flagrant/gross violation by Israel as the occupying power of the relevant norms of international humanitarian lawThere is a need toprovide for/ensure respect for the territorial integrity andindependence of Lebanon, and to put an end to the arbitrariness andviolence of the Israeli occupiersdirectedat/arbitrary and violenttreatmentby the Israeli occupiers of the civilian population


This is a highly charged, emotional statement, which requires an appropriate choice of words It also presents some difficult syntactic problems.


1)военщиной— is stronger than just «the military,» it has the implication
of a clique or group within the military

if the interpreter does not have a text and cannot wait before stating the
sentence, he can restructure as follows «that which is being received daily
from the legion — namely, the alarming reports,» or»what is coming in
daily from the legion, that is, the alarming information about events»

3)врезультатеагрессии— English needs «acts of aggression,’which
sounds a good deal better than just «aggression «

4)практическининаодиндень— can be turned around to«virtually
every day»rather than playing with tricky double negatives

5)«Abuse»is a very useful word for«издевательство«and«унижение
as «mockery» or»humiliation» often do not sound idiomatic in such
contexts in English

6)необходимо— can often be tendered as«there is a need to»01 simply
as«we must.»

7)Care should be taken withвотношении.It is more idiomatic to drop
it and to speak of the«violent treatment of the civilian population»rather
than of the «violence directed at the civilian population » Oftenвотно­
шенииcan be translated as‘towards,» «regarding,»or«concerning «

Statement on the Conflict in the Middle East (UN, 1985)

(Читается в нормальном темпе с канадским акцентоми в быстром темпе с американским акцентом)


Our delegation is also concerned regarding the continuing tragedy in southern Lebanon, which is occupied by the Israeli military clique The facts cited in the statements of the representative of Lebanon andthe alarming reports received daily from the region also confirm thereasons for the government’s appeal for help

For nearly three years now, the Israeli military have been violatingaccepted norms of behavior in Lebanese territory which was occupiedas a result of the acts of aggression of 1982 Since then virtuallyevery day there has been no letting up of the raging terror andviolence directed at the Lebanese and Palestinians By mobilizinginfantry units for punitive operations the Israeli aggressors are blockingpopulated areas and are conducting mass searches, raids and arrests,

subjecting the civilian population to various kinds of humiliation,tortures, abuse and beatings Particular cruelty was demonstrated incarrying out these mass punitive operations during the last fewmonths, and this was again raised by the representative of Lebanon inhis statement today

Numerous facts cited during our meeting have clearly revealed theflagrant violation by Israel as the occupying power of the relevant norms of international humanitarian law There is a need to ensurerespect for the territorial integrity and independence of Lebanon, andto put an end to the arbitrary and violent treatment by the Israeli occupiers of the civilian population

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